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Wine of The Month

Restdown Wines

Our wines are completely handmade from vine to bottle, in our purpose-built, underground winery. Their uniqueness reflects the attention we give to the vines during the growing season, through our use of organic fertilisers and sprays and the pride taken in creating distinctive, limited release wines.

“At Restdown we have adopted a ‘slow wine’ philosophy in both our wine making and our wine consuming, allowing the wines to express the full character of the grapes and the area within which they are grown. Minimal human intervention is our focus, so we avoid the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, use straw mulch to control weeds and conserve water and add minimal amounts of preservative to our wine. (Many of our regular customers find that they can enjoy our wine without the allergic reactions they often experience from heavily sulphured wines). Egg white fining is used only when absolutely necessary, with no chooks ever being harmed in the winemaking process!” (Jo Hearn, Winemaker)