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Our Club

Where Good Friends Meet

The Kyabram Club plays a significant role in the social fabric of many residents within the town and district. The club provides a well appointed and secure meeting place for many of the local senior residents who visit the club to enjoy social contact and share conversation with good friends.

Friendly Staff

We at the club realise that you don’t just want a service for your money, you want a smile as well. We are dedicated to providing a service to our customers in a polite, courteous and helpful manner. Please feel free to approach any of our staff, you’ll recognise them from our provided staff list.

History of the Kyabram Club

The Kyabram Club is located on a site that was originally the local hospital. In 1960 the Kyabram Hospital relocated and the building was purchased by a group of local businessmen who converted it into the Kyabram Mens Clubs.

5 Year Strategic Plan

The Kyabram Club is always striving to improve the facilities for our members and make your club the best it can be.  Recently the Club had a 5 year strategic plan completed from an outside source from 13/14 ~ 18/19.  We have made this plan available to our members. Master Plan 2013-2018

Responsible Gambling/Licensing

The Kyabram Club is fully licensed in all areas. All members of staff are equipped with their Responsible Serving of Alcohol (RSA) and all food preparation staff are fully qualified with their food handling certificate.

Alcohol, Gaming Licensing and Food Handling

All of these should be able to provide you with the necessary information to ensure you that when you visit the Kyabram Club, you are receiving a quality and safe service.

Below is more information on our licenses and codes of conduct;

Statement of Commitment – Commitment Message

Money Smart – www.moneysmart.gov.au

Responsible Gambling – www.responsiblegambling.vic.gov.au

YourPlay is a personal gaming card that gives every player
the power to track their playing activity over time. For more info click here: www.yourplay.com.au



Code Of Conduct & Self Exclusion

The Kyabram Club also abides by a strict Code Of Conduct and Self Exclusion Program.  To access copies of this code and self exclusion program, click any of the following suitable to you;

English Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club English RG Code of Conduct 2018

Arabic Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Arabic RG Code of Conduct 2018

Chinese Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Chinese RG Code of Conduct 2018

Greek code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Greek RG Code of Conduct 2018

Italian Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Italian RG Code of Conduct 2018

Spanish Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Spanish RG Code of Conduct 2018

Turkish Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Turkish RG Code of Conduct 2018

Vietnamese Code of Conduct – Kyabram Club Vietnamese RG Code of Conduct 2018