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Ky Club Melbourne Cup Calcutta

Date: Monday 31st October, 2016
Time: 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Kyabram Club Calcutta Night!

Held on the Eve of the Melbourne Cup; 31st of October from 8pm!!

For those who don’t know about Calcutta, read below!

Here is a run down on how it works;

You may do this on your own or as a group known as a syndicate!

Tickets are sold for $2ea. Each ticket has a number. On the night a horse is drawn at random and then a raffle ticket number is called. If your number is called you have drawn that horse and immediately become a half owner of that horse! That horse will then be auctioned off. If you believe it could win the cup you can bid to buy; if successful you only have to pay half the sale price as you were drawn that horse. If you don’t buy and sell it you will receive half of the sale price of that horse. If later in the night a horse you want is drawn and it goes to someone else/another syndicate you can still buy but if you do you will be required to pay the full auctioned price. With that said the next day is the Melbourne Cup! If your horse runs 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th you will receive a cut of the total money raised the night before at the auctions! 1st wins 60% of the total, 2nd wins 20%, 3rd wins 10% and 4th wins 5%. Last years winners took home over $16,500!!!

This is our biggest night of the year and a chance for many of you to score some serious $$$!!!

So get yourself prepared or your Syndicate together, book a table and get those tickets that could be lucky!!